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Look what I got in the mail today!!!!!!!! I just opened my package from Chops Knives. All I can say is wow! I knew from the pictures Tim posted it was a work of art, but to hold it in my hand is a whole new level. The attention to detail is incredible. Every millimeter of the knife is perfect. I have held $2,000 knives that aren't this quality. The crappy phone pics are a disservice to my knife but I just had to show her off ASAP.

And the sheath is a work of art in its own right. I haven't seen leather work this good in a long time. Thank you Erica! And Tim thank you so much for the love you put into my knife. It will be treasured for years to come.

From Metalmangeorge

Sometimes it's better to hear it from the customers mouth!! Thanx for the kind words Tom!!

Hi Tim, I just wanted to follow up with you about the knife you made for me last year. The knife is the Alaska Drop Point. This knife went hunting with me last year and boy, is she a workhorse! Cleaned 1 deer, skinned 2 others, and then deboned some more, to say that we had a successful trip would be an understatement! After all this work that she did, I came home and spent a couple of minutes touching up the edge, more for my benefit than the knifes'. She was still as sharp as when I left I happened to see the knife featured on a Texas forum and was interested in some of the comments. For those who say that a commercial knife will work as well, of course they work, but not to the degree that yours does! Now, for the hard part, if you really have to ask, then you probably won't understand that ART and function can be combined into something that you are proud to have and pass on. Anyways, thanks for working with me to create something for the display case waiting for the next hunt.

Tom Gagnon Juneau, Alaska PS If you want to quote, feel free

Just got em! Knives are amazing. Most makers put so much effort into the knives but seem to make the sheaths as an after thought. I knew your skills where outstanding and expected it, but I really was blown away with the leather work. Thank you Tim and please Tell Erica Thank you for me also. I'm very impressed and happy to own these. Brian

Life is too short to use an ugly knife! Not only are Chops Knives beautiful, they are very functional. This is the one I wear everyday. Right after I got it I cleaned 2 deer with it and it would still shave. Phillip F.

Tim, I received my knife in the mail last night and cannot say enough about the quality of the knife and sheath. This is much better than I expected and will cherish the knife forever. Thank you Tim and Erica for everything! Brian G.

"The Wild Woman" Survival Knife

Measures 9" overall with a 4 1/2" cutting edge. Price is $650 as shown.

Kellie Nightlinger AKA "The Wild Woman" (a wilderness survivalist, adventurist, gear reviewer and inspirational speaker) sporting her new Chops Knife "The Wild Woman" inspired by her.

Here's a quote from Kellie after one of her hunts; "One hit with my new Chops Knife "The Wild Woman" this boar was dead in a second and didn't know what hit him. The knife penetrated so well it was like butter and left a hole the size of my fist and my hand slid right in behind he knife. I've never seen anything like it". It's all on film on her YouTube Channel featuring some of her wild adventures, bow hunts, and wilderness survival".

Kellie starred in the Discovery Channels first hit season of "Naked and Afraid" Chops Knives is very proud to be one of her sponsors!

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