This baby came out so nice we really were tempted to keep her - but had to remember the jewelers rule: never fall in love with the product - you'll go broke fast!!! Handmade by my hands from a stunning piece of Alabama Damascus Billet with an equally unique piece for the Bolsters in a different pattern. The patterns and the grind came out nice enough that I did some highly detailed filework all the way around! Then went to the safe and got out a set of Mammoth Tooth I had set back for an over the top knife! When I went to final buff the Tooth took on the look of glowing lava!! Or as mini me would say MAGMA!!! Finished her off with a couple of copper mosaic pins to make the Mammoth POP even more! I did a Sub - Zero Quench and a Triple Draw Temper so she aint just purdy - she's Tough and she WILL hold an edge! Erica made a beautiful custom fit sheath to go with her. Comes with COA. Thanx for lookin, Chops


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